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Jul 26, 2019 | Concierge Recommendations

Where to Exercise When Traveling to New York

Many people associate vacations with unhealthy habits. But we don’t believe that traveling has to be synonymous to falling off the fitness wagon. Whether you have an active lifestyle or want to gently exercise your body regularly, New York will keep you moving. 

Fitness Center at The Manhattan Club

The Manhattan Club is equipped with a state-of-the-art Fitness Center. Choose from the modern cardio machines, treadmills, and strength training equipment. Visiting New York won’t be an excuse for missing your fitness routine while away from home! If you need inspiration or an easy-to-follow routine, we have some ideas for you. 

Treadmill Workouts

Running or walking on treadmills tends to be boring after a while, right? Not anymore! The increased demand for on-the-go and online options has created treadmill workouts that you can follow in videos or listen to podcasts. 

Online Workout Programs

Speaking of online fitness options, have you heard or customized online workout programs? Fit X NYC is a popular brand that offers fitness programs for as little as $1 and nutrition programs for $2. Magazines of the likes of Men’s Health, Women’s Health and Shape have endorsed it. 

Running and Biking in Central Park

When the weather is just right, you might want to take your workout outside. This is a great idea when you’re traveling in a group or with your family and want to include some sightseeing. Kill two birds with one stone by heading to Central Park—just a few blocks from The Manhattan Club—and go for a run or bike ride along its many roads and paths. 

You can download running and biking routes from the Central Park Conservancy website. Simply pick your favorite, put on your running shoes or rent a bike. 

Chelsea Piers

Sports fans may want to pay a visit to Chelsea Piers, located along the Hudson River. This sports complex is famous for having a four-tiered golf range, a bowling alley, seasonal ice-skating shows, indoor rock climbing and many dining options. Consider getting a Health Club Day Pass (only for people over 18 years) to enjoy their swimming pool. If you want something different, browse through their drop-in activities for children and adults.  

After your workout, don’t forget to refuel. Take a look at our recommendations for restaurants in New York. Follow The Manhattan Club blog for more NYC travel tips and sign up for the Owner Newsletter to hear about the latest Owner Events.


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