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Mar 10, 2023 | Food & Drink

10 Essential Pizza Restaurants in NYC

NYC’s pizza parlors always push the boundaries when it comes to saucy, cheesy goodness. While some have been around for over a century, other newcomers are just beginning to make a name for themselves. Sure, every New Yorker has their favorite place to grab an authentic NY street slice (there are approximately 1,600 pizza places in NYC!), but there are still some restaurants that reign supreme. From saucy Sicilian to cheesy Neapolitan pies, here are 10 of the best pizza restaurants in NYC to try out this Pi Day (March 14).

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1. Prince Street Pizza

Prince Street’s Sicilian family recipes have been passed down through generations - so you know they’re at their best. Their square pies are named after streets in their NoLita neighborhood and are composed of handcrafted sauces, crispy and fluffy dough, and unique toppings under the philosophy “if you can put it on pasta then you can put it on pizza.” Specialty pies include Green Machine pesto pizza, Vodka Fra Diavolo, and Broadway Breadcrumb with seasoned breadcrumbs. 27 Prince St.

2. Rubirosa Pizza

The NoLita neighborhood favorite specializes in thin-crust pies, which have been a tried-and-true NY-style family recipe for 60 years. Deciding between their classic tomato, vodka, or pesto pie can be difficult, so Rubirosa makes it easy with their ‘Tie-Dye’ specialty pizza, which combines all three! 235 Mulberry St.

3. Lombardi’s Pizza

Established in 1905, Lombardi’s Pizza is said to be “America’s First Pizzeria,” which makes it a Little Italy landmark in and of itself. Their pizza is baked in a smoky-crusted coal oven and topped with purist tomato sauce, fresh whole milk mozzarella, and basil. Lombardi’s also offers interesting specialty pies found nowhere else, like the Breaded Eggplant and Ricotta red pie, and the famous Clam Pie with nearly three dozen fresh shucked clams, romano cheese, parsley, and lemon. 32 Spring St.

4. Emily

NYC might be best known for its signature thin crust pizza, but the city actually offers a diverse range of slices. Take Emily for example - the West Village restaurant specializes in Detroit-style artisanal pies. Baked in a wood-burning oven, their pizza comes with a variety of interesting toppings you won't find at your typical NYC pizza parlor. Items like pickled or calabrian chili, caramelized onion, smoked gouda, truffle mushroom cream, chopped pickle, pistachio, and Szechuan oil. 35 Downing St.

5. John’s of Bleecker Street

This world famous pizzeria has been around for nearly 100 years! Cozy up in one of their original wooden booths at their Greenwich Village location and enjoy one of John’s thin crust, brick-oven pies. The classic diner is also outfitted with black and white art deco floors, turn of the century tin ceilings, and aged murals, providing a comfortable and familiar atmosphere. 278 Bleecker St.


6. Joe’s Pizza

This Greenwich Village institution has been around since the 70s, but gained worldwide popularity after being featured in Spider-Man 2 in 2004. Of course, we didn’t need a movie to put this pizza joint on our radar. Joe’s Pizza is the one slice people think of when they envision a classic NYC slice - oversized, foldable, and topped with plenty of melted cheese. 7 Carmine St.

7. Patsy’s Pizzeria

The undisputed premier “pizza dynasty” opened its first shop in Harlem in the 30s, and has since gone on to become the place to get an authentic Sicilian coal-oven pizza. It’s said that Patsy’s legendary founder, Pasquale Lancieri, invented the act of selling pizza by the slice and popularizing traditional NY-style thin crust. Grab a slice where it all began at their Midtown location. 801 2nd Ave.

8. NY Pizza Suprema

NY Pizza Suprema is the place to grab a slice if you’re catching a game at Madison Square Garden. In fact, the pizzeria was established before Madison Square Garden moved to Midtown! Gaining popularity in the 60s, NY Pizza Suprema is known for once only serving plain cheese slices with their fresh housemade mozzarella, but the slice was so flavorful, that the pizzeria made a name for themselves and stuck with the motto “good pizza doesn’t need to be disguised.” 413 8th Ave.

9. Scarr’s Pizza

This Lower East Side retro pizza parlor is the only restaurant on this list milling its own flour in New York - and you can taste the difference! Scarr’s uses a delicious three-mozzarella cheese blend on every pie, caters to vegans, and has plenty of fun topping options like fried eggplant, hot honey, and more. 22 Orchard St.

10. Di Fara Pizza

You’ll have to travel across the bridge to Midwood in Brooklyn to find this institution (and experience long wait times), but the original Di Fara Pizza location serves some of the best pizza, ever. Each pie is handcrafted with ingredients imported from Italy and prepared by the master himself, Domenico “Dom” De Marco, who has spent over 53 years perfecting his pizza. 1424 Avenue J

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