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Central Park in NYC

Sep 12, 2018 | NYC Attractions and Events

Discover the “Wonder” of Central Park in NYC!

No matter the time of year, the best things to do in NYC will always include a trip to this iconic landmark!

The Great Pyramid, The Hanging Gardens … many know the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World – constructions from antiquity that were deemed to be popular among ancient tourists. Today, only one of these magnificent constructions is standing, but a new “modern list” has been created. We here at The Manhattan Club think that a beloved National Historic Landmark in our own great Empire State belongs to this esteemed group.

If there was a Seven Wonders of NYC list, Central Park would be at the top!

The City may have many defining “wonders”, but the longevity and breadth of points-of-interest have put the country’s most visited urban park at the very top. Central Park in NYC is iconic through all facets of culture, popping up in works of art both written and visual since its construction in 1857! This historic landmark may not inspire the instantaneous awe of Lady Liberty or bear the musical legacy of Carnegie Hall, but when you see it in person you understand its magic. Situated in the middle of our city, this breathtaking piece of green is filled with activity from morning till night, and even those who consider themselves connoisseurs of the Park are always finding new things to discover. It's evolution keeps it unique, yet its consistency is what makes it so beloved.

Central Park was designed to be a microcosm of the Empire State

The 843 acres of topography may mimic the city and suburban areas of our great state, but the vast amount of things to do in Central Park are just as much of a representation of our NYC Melting Pot. From the beloved Central Park Zoo to the Conservatory Gardens, to the lesser-known finds such as Hallett Nature Preserve and the Delacorte Musical Clock, you’ll never be at a loss of internal “wonders” to discover and explore all year round. Where else can you ride a carousel on a summer afternoon, then return in the winter to ice skate in that very same spot? Wollman Rink is just one of the places that transforms itself throughout the year, easily adjusting to the everchanging New York seasons.

We never tire of wandering through Central Park, and as The Manhattan Club is just a short three-block walk away, we go as often as we can - and just know that you will too!


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