Restaurant Week NYC 

When it comes to dining, there are many places to eat in New York City. However, not all of them contribute to Restaurant Week. This summer, explore some of the best culinary collections in the city by taking advantage of three-course offerings for lunch and dinner. Until mid-August, you can sample the menu from some of the most upscale restaurants.

NYC Restaurants

Places such as the 21 Club offer everything from a party hosting venue to bar and lounge menus. Private dining, a tempting wine list and even delivery services are available from this establishment. An elegant addition to New York City restaurants, the Beautique adds a level of class and comfort to the dining experience. This year, the menu of Restaurant Week includes superb meals all prepared by skilled chefs.

The Brasserie 8 ½ is a spacious location offering fine French cuisine. This upscale location is decorated with a modern setting featuring a grand stairwell and beautiful artwork. For those looking for excellent Italian fare during NYC Restaurant Week, Circo offers signature Tuscan recipes in a setting reminiscent of a circus in Europe. The festive scene includes a variety of tapestries and artwork giving the locale a jovial atmosphere. The Russian Tea Room is celebrating its 88th anniversary during this Restaurant Week. This majestic establishment is decorated with traditional Russian design and offers classic dishes including red snapper, guinea hen and Georgian spiced lamb.

It may take you a great deal of time to explore all of the fine dining in New York, which is why you should book a room with the Manhattan Club. After a day of eating in fine locations and living large in the city, relaxing in our conveniently located hotel could be the perfect end to the day.